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3 May


Our model lost over 2 inches from only her first treatment……….This is the perfect lunchtime treatment”

Harpers and Queen

For those suffering from gym burn-out, Arasys offers the perfect toning alternative. While you relax on the beauty couch, carefully placed electrical pads work slack muscles to astounding effect, and all with in ten, 20 minute sessions……….. After only four sessions the bottom became higher, the thighs tighter and the waistband looser……….. With Arasys it took two weeks to achieve, in a gym it would have taken two months”

Clothes Show Magazine

“It was great, I just loved having the treatments which weren’t uncomfortable at all. Afterwards I felt absolutely brilliant, especially when I was able to put on my Levi’s for the first time in ages. It would be a great kick start to a healthy living regime or before a beach holiday. Try it and see! “

Eva Cameron – Cosmopolitan

” I have always been cynical about treatments that claim to tone you up and give you inch loss………As far as toning goes, I’m a convert!! I lost one and a half inches from my waist, one and three quarters from my hips and bottom and an inch from each thigh……….. I felt more toned too, as if I’d been following an exercise programme. “

Ed Barret – Arena Magazine

“A machine that does sit-ups for you while you lie back and have your stomach tickled, feeling the inches dissolve……….. Does it work? Yes!! “



3 May

Here are a selection of some high-profile Testimonials that we recieve regularly:

Cosmopolitan: “The Star Wars of modern facials”

Health & Fitness Magazine: “A gentle electronic facial that makes you look younger, requires no effort and doesn’t hurt”

Company Magazine: “Revitatlises and refreshes your face”

Best: “The impulses work to life sagging jaw, cheek and neck muscles and soften superficial lines and wrinkles”

Marie Claire Magazine: “Skin looks fresher and plumper!”