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About Us

3 May

We have been established since 1998 and our aim is to supply you with the most trusted equipment combined with the very best in customer service and support.

Introducing the New Perfector Cell Communication System:

The Perfector us a 9-Stage non invasive, computerised device that builds new tissue and lifts sagging muscles. Through a cell communication system that is both chemical and electrical, our sophisticated micro current machine has dramatic results on deep wrinkles, pigmentations, dark circles, acne and sun damage. By re-shaping the skins inner structure, a purified more youthful glow is achieved.

Constant Research and Development:

We together with our leading team of experts have established, through research both here and in America, new wave forms that increase our machines effectiveness. Results and therefore more visible and longer lasting.

Contact Details:

Please call the friendly team on 01202 299228 to discuss.